This book is not meant to be the traditional
devotional book. It is just what the title indicates. It is a thought for your day – EVERY DAY.

These 365 thoughts have come out of my daily devotional times. I share them with you along with my prayer that your days will be blessed just as mine have been.

Here’s a sample:
I wonder if I have complicated the GOSPEL by confusing it with the Old Testament law. In my desire to create a holy people I may have done that. The obedience of the law NEVER saved anyone. According to the gospel of Jesus, salvation can only come by FAITH IN HIS finished work on the cross. There is NO OTHER way to be saved.As the result of my faith in Jesus he has given me the HOLY SPIRIT to live in me. The Holy Spirit then lives the life of Jesus through me
and the fruit of the Spirit more than fulfills the demands of the law. That is a blessed relief to me. John 3:16; Philippians 2:13
Are you relaxed in Christ’s completed work
for you?

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the-winding-road-bookThe Winding Road tells the story of Mel Grams’ spiritual journey of the last fifty-seven years. Mel tells of the events of that journey and the spiritual growth that took place. The book opens with his personal testimony of making Jesus THE LORD of his life. This took place after twenty years of ministry. It was a totally life-changing experience. Mel then tells of his parents’ and grandparents’ emigration to the United States in 1908. He describes their relationship with the Lord and how they raised their children with godly principles. Mel shares many of the lessons that he learned on the The Winding Road.

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having-a-godly-marriage-bookTo have a godly marriage, both partners must submit themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This is more than just attending church or trying to be good. This is surrendering our plans to Jesus and living by His teachings in the New Testament. It is not only coming into a personal relationship with Jesus, but making a daily commitment to follow Him and obey His teachings. A godly marriage is not a religious one—it is a truly joyful union where husband and wife love each other because Christ’s love fills their hearts. In this book Mel reveals five steps toward having a successful Christian marriage.

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my-hearts-desire-bookMy Heart’s Desire reflects the deep longings of the author’s heart. It is a longing to have a heart that reflects the life of Jesus. Mel’s desire has grown during the past fifty-five years of ministry as the Lord has planted seeds in his life that have produced a hunger to have a Godly heart. A heart that desires what Jesus wants for us. Each chapter of this book speaks specifically to an attribute that reflects God’s desire for us. A heart that reflects the life of Jesus.

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